Livestock Coming Soon!

We have FINALLY found a homestead that we can have livestock on. We have 18 baby chicks of varying breeds,  scheduled to be delivered in the first part of April, so stay tuned for LOTS of fluff butt overload in the coming months!

In preparation for their arrival, we have been busying moving a shed that we will be converting into their coop. We have also been working on building a run. It will be a smaller, enclosed run, but we will be building chicken tractors for them to be able to move around the garden areas safely.

We have chosen to not let them FREE range in the traditional sense because we have dogs who are NOT LGD’s, and there are many predators such as eagles, hawks, and fox to name a few, in our immediate area. Since we moved here, I have seen all three around the homestead.

Here are some pictures of the shed move, and the run so far. The run will have an enclosed top when it’s finished.

The dogs are investigating the new “thing” in the yard.  And yes, we are aware that the shed is a bit unlevel. We will be working on that also. The ground has many lumpy spots in it.

Here is the coop and run to date. There is, of course, more work to be done on all of it. I will be sharing the shed to coop conversion with you as we progress.

We will be adding rabbits to the homestead this year also. But, for now, we are happy to have the chickens.

Happy Homesteading!

Stephanie and Brett



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