Me Time in the Garden

Spent the morning in the garden pruning and tying up 78 tomato plants. I love coming out early and enjoying the quiet before the busyness of the day begins. This time allows me to reflect on any plans I have for the day, as well as make future plans. I often find myself walking around the garden space and visualizing what I want the space to look like in the end. Does that mean that it always turns out as I have planned? Nope. Do I have failures? Yep. And I’m okay with that. Because those help me learn. And even though I’ve been gardening for many years, I cannot remember a season where I didn’t learn something new.

Don’t let any failures you suffer (and you WILL have them) discourage you from your gardening journey! I will show my “failures”, but I will not dwell on them.

Here is one of my successes! While pruning, I found this beautiful little Indigo Rose tomato!

Isn’t she beautiful? I think this variety of tomato is the one that I’m most eager for this season. It’s a new variety for me. So you will be seeing many updates on it I’m sure. Helicopter tomato mom at your service!

Also got the gardens weeded. This is my least favorite chore, but it goes quicker when you stay on top of it. I weed as I’m doing any other chores that need to be done in the garden. Brett and I walk through the garden spaces on a daily basis and we both pick weeds as we go. I love our evening walks as it allows us time to catch up with each other and to admire the fruits of our labor.

I hope that you are enjoying your space, however big or small it may be, and not stressing over things that may be going wrong in it. Make sure to focus on the good things!

Happy Gardening!


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