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The Homestead

Pantry Essentials

Having a well-stocked pantry is one of the most important things for me. I like to call it my Food Insurance. It insures that my family will have what we need to eat without the need to leave the house. There are a couple ways to build up your pantry essentials. You can buy an

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2023 Garlic Harvest

This morning I harvested 76 heads of garlic! Of the 76, I had 9 that were bad. So, I currently have 67 heads curing in the garage! I’m super stoked about this year’s harvest! Garlic, carrots, and onions are crops that I’ve struggled the most with, so it means a lot to me to grow

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Welcome to our Homestead!

I would like to take a couple of minutes to introduce our family and give a little hindsight on how our homestead came to be. Ours is a blended family of 11. Yep, you read that right, 11. Now, before anyone gets too excited, let me clarify that we do not all live together as

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Preserving Beans from the Old Garden

Today I took some time to put my feet up and finish up some vegetable preserving from the old garden. I shelled all of my Cherokee Trail of Tears beans. In total, I got 2lbs. and 9 ounces when all was said and done. Not bad for just throwing some seeds in the ground and

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